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Wireless Terminals

Meet the world’s smallest all-in-one wireless payment device. This terminal is perfect for any merchant who needs a secure, feature-rich, portable device. The PCI PED approved Vx670 is a small, sleek, and secure payment device designed specifically for wireless, customer-facing transactions. This unit provides the largest user interface in the smallest form factor with a large, white backlit display and large blue backlit keys. In addition, its purpose-inspired design focuses on real world usage and is rugged, drop resistant, and spill resistant to hold up to the most demanding conditions.

The design is sure to open new sales opportunities because there has never been a wireless terminal like the Vx670. It securely handles credit and PIN-based debit cards with a vertical mag stripe reader, and has smart card support. Lightning-fast processing and easy-to-change rechargeable batteries keep customers, employees and your business on the move. The Vx670. Yes, big things come in small packages.

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The NURIT 8000 is the best selling wireless payment device in the world. It is lightweight, handheld, and PCI PED approved to enable fast, secure, error-free transactions for merchants on the go.  The NURIT 8000 offers a large, backlit graphical display and keypad, and convenient touch screen display that allow customers to quickly approve and sign for transactions. In addition, rechargeable batteries ensure the device keeps working for you throughout your longest days.

The NURIT 8000 securely and efficiently handles a variety of credit, debit, EBT, and value-added transactions such as gift and loyalty cards.  This unit includes a built-in PIN pad and a fast, quiet, graphical thermal printer.  Your transactions and customer data are protected with the help of state-of-the-art anti-fraud features. Further, the device is durable and dependable enough to stand up to the most demanding conditions. The NURIT 8000 gives you precisely what you want in a portable payment device – secure and reliable transaction processing, exceptional flexibility to tailor solutions to your requirements, and best of all, a proven track record that’s second to none.

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Get connected with the cost effective, space saving and secure Vx510 Wireless. This terminal enjoys all the rich features of the Vx510 countertop terminal with one bonus feature – wireless connectivity. No need to worry about battery replacement with this payment device as it requires only wireless service and a power source. At a fraction of the price of battery powered wireless units, the Vx510 Wireless is ideally suited for merchants that have access to a power source but may lack a broadband connection or a phone line. Additionally, this solution eliminates the problem of using the same phone line for both transactions and business.

The Vx510 Wireless features a high-speed printer that reduces customer wait time. Its backlit display is user friendly and easy to read. Offering more usable memory, the Vx510 wireless provides the ultimate flexibility for value-added applications. Its small size and high performance provide peace of mind. The Vx510 Wireless. Power on.

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