ISO and Agent Opportunities :

At Federal Bankcard, we are committed to the success of our sales agents. Our support and expertise help you reach your maximum potential. As a member of our team, you will get the best support, access to all the latest products, and lucrative revenue sharing.

Bank Program

Our management team has been working with banks since 1997. We understand how valuable it is for bankers to maintain their clients’ expanding business needs. We offer same day approval and a simple setup process. Every account receives professionalism and quality care. You keep their accounts and we handle all their processing needs. Aggressive revenue sharing opportunities are available.

Referral Program

Whether you are a current merchant or an individual that wants to refer a business owner to us, we pay you a cash bonus for every new customer you refer to us.

Strategic Business Alliances

Businesses to business referrals are some of our most rewarding relationships. If you have business customers, please contact us to set up a custom tailored program for a mutually beneficial opportunity.

  • Honest rates
  • Revenue sharing opportunities
  • Same day merchant setup
  • Online reporting and tracking
  • World class customer service