High Risk Merchant Solutions

High Risk Merchant Account Providers

When hard-to-place, high risk merchants need to find a provider for credit card processing they come to Federal Bankcard.  For over 10 years we have been a proven industry leader in placing merchants that are considered high risk and have limited options for credit card processing.  

How do we place High Risk Merchants?

Having our own in-house underwriting and risk department allows us to facilitate higher risk merchant accounts.  Federal Bankcard is a registered high risk merchant service provider with the experience to manage risk and provide service to those merchants who other institutions pass on.  

Federal can provide credit card processing services to the following merchants who others consider high risk:  

  • Travel Agencies & Tour Operators
  • Adult Companies, Escort Directories, Gentleman Clubs
  • Phone Cards
  • Smoke Shops, Head Shops, Glass Pipes
  • Cannabis and CBD Oil
  • Collection Agencies
  • Credit Repair Company
  • Memberships and Recurring Billing
  • Internet Cigars, Tobacco
  • High Ticket
  • High Volume
  • Fitness Centers and Gyms
  • Dating Services
  • Streaming Videos
  • eBooks
  • Advance Purchase
  • Less than Good Credit (bad, poor credit)

If you're looking to start a new business, or have an existing business in one of these categories, call us today. We can get you up and running or help you save money on your current credit card processing rates.

As a Federal Bankcard Merchant you can enjoy:

  • Merchant accounts available for all merchant processing types,
  • Unlimited merchant account – no volume limit on your success!
  • Worldwide merchant accounts – International merchants welcome,
  • Full control of all processing technology- from the terminal to your bank account
  • Technical and customer service support 24 / 7 / 365,
  • Exceptional fraud & risk management experience at your fingertips,
  • On-line processing and business reporting, and
  • Merchant centered help desk!

High Volume Payment Processing

Merchants can be classified into many different categories, especially when it comes to High Volume merchants.   For example, an ice cream shop selling thousands of dollars in ice cream every month with a sizeable amount of transactions could be classified as a High Volume, Low Risk merchant.  In contrast, a software manufacturer selling a product for $500, with the same monthly volume, would have fewer transactions but more risk applied to each order. This merchant would be classified as High Volume, High Risk. 

At Federal, our experienced team of underwriters and risk analysts understand the different dynamics between merchants.  That is why we can place a wide range of merchants including High Volume Merchants.